Dog Kennel adoption (half)

Dog Kennel adoption (half)


Your personalized dog kennel at Stevenshage!



Support the dogs in our shelter and adopt half a dog kennel for €60 per year!

Personalize your dog kennel

We will place your own text on the kennel, for example the name of your pet, your company or a wish for the shelter dogs. If you don’t provide us a text, we will place your initials and surname on the kennel by default. Please let us know the text of your choice in the ‘Order notes’ box at checkout.


As an adopter of a dog kennel you will receive our colourful shelter magazine Beestenbende at your doormat every season. The magazine is in Dutch, but contains many pictures of our lovely animals. If you don’t want this, please let us know in the ‘Order notes’ box at checkout.

Caring for and rehoming the animals in our shelter comes with high costs. The municipalities in our area contribute for the first 14 days of stray animals’ stay under our roof. After that, the shelter becomes the lawful owner of the animals and from that point onwards, we bear all costs for their further care, no matter how long the are with us. We cannot do this without your help!

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